Success without Risks

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There is not even low risk in life to get high success!!

Everyone says everywhere written whether it is self help books, whether it is quotation by someone that life is full of risks, one has to take a risk, without risk, there is no gain, there is no success at all. Where there is high risk, there is high gain.

I totally disagree with these statement/sayings. The so called risk is nothing but steps/ladder to success. Where there are low risks/ low steps i.e. low speed of action leads to low success or late success. High risks/high steps/faster steps leads to high success.

You have to understand that the moment you dare to take risk/step/action towards success and start thinking that you have taken risk or high risk in life to get success in life. The very thinking of risk taking attitude/thought start massaging to your subconscious mind that there is always risks in your life, you are taking risks and the repetitive remembering and sending massage to sub-conscious mind leads/put you risk zone to fail in life.

Your conscious mind never sending massage in terms of thinking of good steps/action towards success rather Risks……Risks……Risks…and the mind occupied with risks attract risks opportunities and event in life which push you into risks zone from where one has to face the disastrous situation to come out.

The moment you start massaging your sub-conscious mind through your conscious mind though action or thinking that you are taking high risk, the very moment, fear of knowing that you have taken high risks start cultivating of fear of failure. Once massage start functioning in your subconscious mind, it is not god, not luck but your own sub-conscious mind start attracting risks to push to in failure zone in your endeavour.

Hence one has to attain a state of mind, one has to have an attitude towards success through thinking of and interpreting their steps/ladder towards success but not thinking/understanding that they are taking high risk and without high risk, there is no success. Risks are nothing but steps/action towards success…..