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A call to failed students in class 10th Results in 2070 B.S. (2014 AD)

I recall my days in 2048 B.S. i.e. 1991 AD when failed in class 10th exam in Nepal. There are 56.08 percent (2, 21,478 out of 3, 94,933)  students who have failed in regular exam of class 10th standard and 89.13 percent (1,19,107 out of 1,33,626) students failed in exempted exam of class 10th. Exempted students are those who have failed either more than compartment of two times earlier attempts.

Those students who have failed must be facing a very embarrassing situation or state of mind that they have failed!! Everybody surrounding them with the attitude that the child have not done well!  You cannot do any thing! all the child or students/ your friend who have passed are all studious and good students, obedient, disciplined, civilized, and all the good words shall be used for all those passed children but for those who have failed are not eligible to get even small word of appreciation/affection? You cannot do anything, you just not good in your study, you have studied well, and you cannot do anything in life.

The matter of concern that everybody greeting and congratulating passed students but no one of in governing authority of  education in government/country taking/raising any doubt or concern that why 56 percent children have failed ?why there pass percentage is of only 43 percent in Nepal whereas just neighboring country India is of 98 percent most often?

Is it the students/child whose level of intelligence is not at par with neighboring country? Is there such a difference between level of intelligence and study difference between the two countries?   What is the root cause?  Whether it is parents, Society, Education system in the country, education standards in private and government school?

The time has come for the people/system/educational institutions who think that they are responsible citizen or body of the family/society/country to take call on this situation.

Those children who have failed in exam must be thinking that they not capable of passing even class 10th and this results into depression  and negation thinking to both parents and child which leads them to negative attitudes towards further education. They don’t see any future in study further brought them away from study to Gulf country for employment in just tender age of 17-20.

The parents below poverty line the percentage are still 25 percent to 29 percent in Nepal or middle class people starts thinking alternative to study to send them abroad/gulf country for employment opportunities, the results are before us that averages 1500 youth leaves Nepal everyday which results into unskilled remittances and country without youth.

It is a wake up call to all stakeholders and governance authorities in Nepal for such alarming situation for the country. The development shall be obstructed not possible without youth and education in the country.

The monitoring of the examination system and worst results are not much relevant or important than the good education system in high requirement. The question must be asked with the authority for the reason of failure in the examination which is 56 percent rather than the child of having age of 15-17 years who must not be in a position to analyse and find the reason of failure.

It is not the students or children who failed rather an entire education system and governance authority. The time has come for them to   take the conscious call and lead the education system towards development before it is too late which may results into youth revolution.

Those who failed in the examination must not feel hurt and depressed. To fail is not a matter and time of sadness but knowing and introspecting the reasons and come out with flying colour of success with making it ladder of success is the only way in life.