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Nepal needs right attitude and commitment for development path

No Infrastructure, no power energy, no stability of the government are needed. The very first need is to reach to the original self attitude from where every citizen whether they are professionals, general citizen, bureaucrats or political leader whosoever they are should start understanding their responsibility towards self, towards family, society, nations/states, universe and then nature.

The very senses of  responsibilities starts withdrawing attention from unwanted things and objectives of everyone who are involved and intended to involves in nation building.

We are witnessing since initial days in history of Nepal always, most of the political leader and whosoever were in the governance of  Nepal have been fighting to resumes power except some of the exceptional people who were little aware towards responsibility of themselves and nation.

We must have experienced that the integration and disintegration of states/nation since the origin of the country Nepal. Previous to integration/unification in one Nepal by the then king Prithvi Narayan sah and we are witnessing these events since beginning? We shall be surprised with sorrow and pain with knowing that how many people had lost their lives with unnatural death just for sake of power. The losses of civilian were not recoverable in any way in the human history/civilisation.

Post of Prithvi Narayan Sah ruling 1768–1775, again the play of resuming the power of state has not been stopped even when we are now in 21st century and consequently the loss of human being and their suffering to live even normal life have been in stake always. The quantification and estimation of loss of human being rights and living cannot be estimated and not even bring it into measurable terms which are immeasurable all the way.

Now we can see the evidence of the play and situation of the country since death of King Birendra how every one potential influencing people/leader is trying to resume power through their unaware/insane state of mind.

We are fighting to get our full constitution for the last 6-7 years since passing of interim constitution in 2007. Yes, the constitution is important and valued documents/principles to drive the country but is it the last one which shall not be amended or not amendable at all further? Our leaders are seeing what are they going to get in present time and whether it shall be beneficial for them in terms of money and power? Are they looking forward to get satisfaction and blessings from the people from all over the country? Must be not and doubtable?

Innocent people must be thinking that if we get constitution, the miracle happens and life of the normal people shall get on track, 14 hours load shedding shall be converted into 24 hours electricity and the situation of the country shall be improved immediately.

Currently we are not getting one constitution drafted/passed and the major obstacle is the favour and disfavour of state federalism and basis of state federalism. What we sees that the current situation of the country is not in a position to recoup/gain its normal pace of development where we should have worry to consolidate our energy and resources to get on development track with one single state with full democracy. But unfortunately, we are fighting for the number of state not for the future prosperous Nepal rather for becoming the state chief and sharing of the power and status which are difficult to get by everyone which is not possible in case of  one single state. The struggle are there for mere getting the power in the hands of various leaders where most have no experience and having vision to drive the nation towards development.

State federalism shall be required energy/resource like nation building capacity  and determination like India where the then prime minister Jawaharlal Lal Nehru had to build the nation from scratch when it became independent in 1947 after long period of British rule who had left the economy in unpredictable stage of sufferings.

The country is facing the tremendous transition phase to development track with stable government with stable governance for the last various years.

We cannot deny the need of infrastructures, constitution, stable government but what all stakeholders and nation builders are needed first to put their time and energy not in state federalism but one consolidated republic country towards which we should have the right attitude/commitment towards self, family, society, nation to get the prosperous country through all needed development stage.