About Kaushlendra Jha

A struggling child when he had not landed to this earth planet and struggle was due to the struggle of the mother in the form not having pleasant environment, not well caring hence not healthy living and with this, he has taken the birth in eight month which must between 31-35th week.

The struggle and pain of living of eight month old child was the big fight with environment and climate with having very pathetic and malnutrition child. Despite of all these, child was boon for the mother, father and grandmother as first son in the family after two elder sister.

The growing and living with recovery of health and nutrition was a big challenges for the child and parents for the five years and this period was period of high and low hopes whether the child shall recover from pathetic  health position or growth shall happen or not.

Glowing sign came to the personality of child and parents after reaching of year five and now the time has come to send him to the school. The very first day of school was very embarrassing where there were no bench, desk and well welcoming to the child in school. The school was not having either infrastructures or well welcoming environment to the first day school child. The school was a small primary government school where the children bring their own mat to sit along with all children together without caring of health and fitness of child……….


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About Kaushlendra Jha
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  2. Lekhanath Dumre says:

    I am a Student Who thinks logically and want to be well reported and social being.And really wants to contribute to the society in any way that makes me feel satisfied.
    I want to join in coming days for much more motivation form your side.

  3. Krishna Hari shrestha says:

    I wants to be CA being CA not for just earning.It is just for my personality development. Ultimately I wants to help the needy person.

  4. Suman karki says:

    I am a simple guy with much enthusiasm.Energetie guy devoted towards the achievement of goal

  5. Amar Deep ghimire says:

    I am self-motivated and interested on my self and do damn with the outside of world. I love my self and no one else. I do not want other people to judge my self. I want them to judge themselves.

  6. Suman panjiyar says:

    I am a student. I am form janakpur. I want become a perfect CA. it is my own dream. but i have lack of confidence.but i will do CA in my life.

  7. Surya prasad neupane says:

    I am a student that,I am become a CA after that successful person, I want to develop my earlier after CA and develop my Nation

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